Batman V Superman is the Perfect 21st Century Global Superhero Masterpiece

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By John R. White

“Non sum qualis eram.” I am not what I once was.
– Horace

In 1978 I was 14 years old, an avid comic reader, and my comic books stacked across the room. When I first saw Superman the motion picture, I sat amazed as I did “believe a man can fly.” Chris Reeve was Superman.

I mean 1978 was perfect, and I would be sure to get the soundtrack for my 8 track player, and listen to it while I wrote my D&D character program on my brand new Radio Shack TRS-800. The future would be great, and there would be no terrorism because Jimmy Carter just signed the Camp David Peace Accords. Man, the future was going to be Awesome.

  • Henry Cavill would not be born for five years.

In 1989 I was 25 years old, and when my ex-wife and I finished up our management shifts at the Trumbull mall in Trumbull, Connecticut we went to see the midnight showing of the new Batman movie. We were of course still debating whether or not Michael Keaton could pull it off.

The movie was great but dark, and afterwards I would read all of the debates pro and con in Starlog, and watch them on Entertainment Tonight, which was the YouTube of our generation. Somewhere a seventeen year old Benjamin Geza Affleck-Bold was also sitting waiting for the same movie to start, not realizing that one day he would be wearing the cowl.

That was, of course, 27 years ago when Russia was withdrawing from Afghanistan and Nelson Mandela was still in jail and apartheid still existed.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Instead of continuing Nolan’s films about the Dark Knight of Gotham, and living under the shadow of Christopher Reeve, Zack Snyder has chosen to approach Legends facing global issues, and it’s about time.

Yes, you can make an argument about how Marvel’s Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are both concerned about how SHIELD is engaging in government oversight, and how the world is concerned about superheroes, but the films have a uniquely American viewpoint. I mean it is Captain America. You may also listen to the critics say it wasn’t any fun! It was humorless. You’re right, this was neither the Avengers nor Deadpool, nor was it supposed to be.

Thank God.

Dawn of Justice is a thinking person’s film, and if Deadpool can have adult humor, language and nudity then Batman versus Superman can have depth, emotional turmoil and require thought. This is like comparing Kelly’s Heroes to Full Metal Jacket. Yes, they are both about the military, but really that’s about it.

Superman, if he existed, would be a global matter. Where he once fought for truth, justice and the American way, in the 21st century he would have to consider the planetary obligations of his powers. Now imagine that’s your cross to bear. How would you deal with that mentally?

Think about it for a moment. You’re a kid growing up in Kansas, and you suddenly have amazing abilities show up. You go to talk to your mom and dad, who drop the following: ‘You’re really a space alien. We’re not sure what to do with that, so just hide it and hide yourself from the world.’ So you do, until you stumble on the truth, and then space bullies show up, and fight you – and oops, the fight kills 10,000 people.

Paging Dr. Phil.

Superman has two real links to humanity: his parents, and Lois. That’s the only thing that gives him any humanity to begin from.

No, this is not the optimistic Clark Kent of the 40’s that Siegel and Schuster created; this is his Grandson who has long outlived them. This is a being of mass power that Bruce Wayne has every right to fear, and Lex Luthor would want so desperately to control.

Let’s talk about Bruce Wayne, shall we? Bruce has never been exactly stable, has he?

People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy and I can’t do that as Bruce Wayne. As a man, I’m flesh and blood, I can be ignored, I can be destroyed; but as a symbol… as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting.”

Easy there, Bruce.

Again Snyder deftly handles the Batman legend, and shows us something new on film: the Miller-esqe aging Dark Knight Detective. The manor is in ruins, Robin is dead at the hands of the Joker, and yet Wayne Enterprises are doing very well, and through of this the Batman is still fighting, and still unrevealed.

Where Kal-el’s touchstones to humanity are Lois and Martha Kent, Batman’s family is now his employees and obviously Alfred, and thus when the Kryptonian battle kills thousands of his family members Bruce very correctly sees Superman as a potential Zod himself, as evinced by some of his nightmares.

He has the power to wipe out the entire human race and if we believe there is even a one percent chance that he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty.”

Bruce Wayne has now seen that Gotham is no longer his patrol ground; all of the earth is, as long as men like Superman and women like Wonder Woman exist, and in making such a realization he has become all the more frightened. Batman has never denied having fear, far from it.

“Bats frighten me. It’s time my enemies shared my dread.”

Batman is all about maintaining control, and does so with fear. That is why Batman wants to break Superman, to make him afraid, or if he can’t make him afraid, then perhaps to destroy him. Batman’s psychosis is such that he believes he can destroy or control the evil in Gotham, and beyond.

Think about some things that were said between Alfred and Bruce.

Twenty years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stay that way?”

Bruce’s war has been going on since 1996. If we take events of Miller’s Batman: Year 1 as his probable starting point, he was still getting his feet wet in those early years when 9/11 occurred.

Alfred: “That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.”

Much has been said about Batman killing people in this film, and everyone who is griping is failing to realize that Batman killed in the pages of Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s original works, where Batman was pretty much the Punisher with a cape and money. Even Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns showed Batman killing villains. (Bomb in clown pants much?) To believe that Batman would have the slightest issue with killing terrorists is a tad naïve to a man who started his career flying a biplane with a fifty cal.



Now, let us not overlook either Lex or Diana Prince.

Lex Luthor has had many iterations, from the fully coiffed mad scientist living in a flying city re-animating dinosaurs (Action Comics #23; April 1940) to his recreation as an industrialist in the 1986 Man of Steel Series by artist writer John Byrne. So a new, younger millennial non-Smallville Lex Luthor is fine with me. The fact that Lex is possibly possessing of Asperger’s or Tourette’s syndrome to me is fantastic because it’s giving the character depth, and humanity. The fact that Luthor is Bat-crap insane is, of course, a given.

Wonder Woman’s introduction was amazing, and powerful. Here was a woman shown on stage, where the only reference to her beauty was an aside by Bruce as a cover to get away from being held up. She was at no point seen as sexual being, but a mystery and then as a powerful force of her own, and both an asset and a potential ally. That Wonder Woman is from the Middle East, and is actually played by an Israeli is both a windfall and to be cheered. Kudos, Mr. Snyder.

To conclude, Dawn of Justice is about us, the whole of humanity, as we face the age of terrorism and fear. H.P. Lovecraft once stated, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” Humanity fears what it does not know and what it cannot understand. The bright and promising 21st century that we all dreamed of, a Roddenberry-ish utopia, was a lie. We never received it because the Taliban found that fear was the most powerful weapon. We all surrendered our heroes such as Christ, Gandhi, Mandela, and the Dalai Lama for demagogues and State Supervision. We looked to the powerful and entrusted them with our fears.

We hoped for Superman, and got the Bat.

Check it out on the big screen at a theater near you!

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Popcorn Review of Matthew Solomon’s Chatter

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Chatter” is a new film written, directed, and produced by Matthew Solomon.

The cast includes:

Brady Smith (“Criminal Minds”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Dinner at Tiffani’s”)
Sarena Khan (“Johnny’s Sweet Revenge”, “Cavemen”, “Naughty or Nice”)
Tohoru Masamune (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Inception”)
Richard Hatch (Acting legend from: “Battlestar Galactica” old and new series)
Alison Haislip (“Attack of the Show”, “Mega Shark vs Kolossus”, “Team Unicorn”)

Our reviewers are tasked to watch the the videos and write a brief description as their impressions “popped” into their minds and then sum up their opinion with a final kernal of thought expressed in terms of popcorn.

Troy Copes
Popped – Realistically freaky, this film has you running around turning every light on in your home while you watch!
Kernel – You will just about butter your popcorn.

Popped – Honest, and real, awesome, top quality, gripping, brilliant.
Kernal – “Chatter defied my expectations and is a perfect buttered bucket of hot popcorn. After filling up I noticed that there was not a single unpopped corn. Please sir, can I have more?Billy Stuart aka Scary Dad
Popped: Organic, Raw, Suspenseful, Scary
Kernel: Get some popcorn so you won’t bite off your fingernails.
For our reviewers, “Chatter” is a scary, fun film, so if you are a fan of horror or the paranormal, definitely check out the official “Chatter” website, Follow “Chatter” on Twitter, and give them a like on Facebook!

Matthew Solomon on his feature film ‘Chatter’ at Shriekfest 2015

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October brings many things including Shriekfest, one of the top horror, thriller, and science fiction film festivals.  This year one of the top competitors was “Chatter,” the creative work of writer/director/producer Matthew Solomon.  It is a paranormal film with most of the interaction occurring via chat sessions.  The concept for chatter originated when Mr. Solomon was collaborating with others via Skype.

The cast includes:

Brady Smith (“Criminal Minds”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Dinner at Tiffani’s”)
Sarena Khan (“Johnny’s Sweet Revenge”, “Cavemen”, “Naughty or Nice”)
Tohoru Masamune (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Inception”)
Richard Hatch (Acting legend from: “Battlestar Galactica” old and new series)
Alison Haislip (“Attack of the Show”, “Mega Shark vs Kolossus”, “Team Unicorn”)

Producing a film relying heavily on Skype and using a big name actors are great gimmicks for getting attention, but does it have substance beyond that? Also, can the small screens of Skype sessions carry over onto the big screen?

Those were big questions before going in to watch “Chatter.”  As it turns out, the answer to these questions and more is a resounding yes!

The film starts with a tragic bang as Richard Hatch’s character, a paranormal investigator, unsuccessfully concludes his investigation of a haunted house in L.A. It then shifts gears to a later time when a musician has rented the place and is skyping his wife in England who plans to join him later.  The couple soon become aware of a paranormal presence.

This is not your garden-variety ghost but rather a predatory poltergeist that has learned to truly surf the web. Adding another dimension of creepy, they are also being observed by a voyeuristic member of Homeland Security. All these elements float smoothly into place in the first 10 minutes.

Skype as a teleconferencing tool, gives the user the ability to communicate as though they were there. Instead of being simply a gimmick in the production of this movie, it actually enhances the production.

In the real world, Skype users have already long been suspending belief and embracing the concept that this lets them be with their loved ones even though they are across the world.  So Skype becomes the tool by which the you are another silent observer of the couple’s chat interchanges.

Without a doubt, the horror fans of Shriekfest were attracted to the film by it’s interesting aspects as well as the actors.  The acting was top notch, but it also has a great story line that had the viewers at Shriekfest on the edge of their seats.

So if you are a horror,  paranormal, or Richard Hatch fan, this film is a must see. If you can see it on the big screen do it! Chatter is a great flick and well worth a 5 stars out of 5.

Oh, and any rumors to the effect that this writer screamed like a girl and made half the theater jump around him, well, those are just rumors.

For more about National Celebrity Examiner John N. Collins find him on TwitterInstagram, Youtube.

‘Hell and Back with Cory Campodonico and the Pinnocchio Parallel

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Hell and Back,” a new feature film by producer Corey Campodonico, came out today Friday, October 2, 2015.

“Hell and Back” is a stop motion film that would make Gumby and Pokey blush or run in terror. It promises to set a new standard in adult animation that will leave “Robot Chicken” and others in a putty purgatory.

It stars Nick Swardson as Remy, who has to travel to Hell in order to rescue a friend and return him home.  Along the way he meets Deema, played by Mila Kunis, Susan Sarandon as Barb the Angel, and Bob Odenkirk as the Devil himself.

It was this writer’s privilege to sit down with Mr. Campodonico for a chat at Chicago’s Wizard World.  Corey’s producer credits include Adult Swim’s “Robot Chicken.”  Corey and his crew take the wild and absurd humor of Robot Chicken off into a whole new level with this feature film.

In the press room at Wizard World it was clear that he enjoyed working with Nick Swardson as well as the directors Ross Shuman and Tommy Gianas and they are hoping the viewers have as much fun watching as they had making it.

While “Hell and Back” is pushing to the top of this writer’s watch list, another film yet in the making came to mind in this series of interviews.  Nick Swardson made the tongue in cheek comment that he was made of wood.  While a humorous comment from a comedian is easily dismissed, it is interesting to note that Corey is slated to be a producer on the new “Pinocchio” movie with Robert Downey Jr. as Gepetto.

The movie’s IMDB page doesn’t list any of the cast as of the writing of this article, but Nick Swardson would be a great actor for the job and, as he said himself, he is made of wood.  So while it may not yet be official, it seems like Nick may soon be staring as Iron Man’s wooden boy.

For more about National Celebrity Examiner John N. Collins find him on TwitterInstagramYoutube, and Facebook or or if you are in the LA/Hollywood area this weekend come to Raleigh Studios for more thrillers, horror, and sci fi films and festivities at Shriekfest where you can see this writer handing out the Best Science Fiction Feature Film award!

‘Hell and Back’: Horror, humor, and hints with Nick Swardson

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Hell and Back” will be hitting the theaters tomorrow, Friday October 2nd, and will be starring Nick Swardson as Remy. If you liked the dark beauty of “Nightmare Before Christmas” but thought it would be better with a demented “Robot Chicken” twist, you are going to love this movie.

“Hell and Back” pulls out all the stops in stop motion video and flies twisting into Hell. It promises adult content that will be mature in rating but not in humor.

The comedic talents of the filmmakers, including Ross Shuman and Tom Gianas, are rooted in such classics as Chicago’s Second City and Saturday Night Live and matured or, perhaps, fermented on the storyboards and sets of MTV and Comedy Central.

The cast includes stars such as Mila Kunis, Susan Sarandon, and Nick Swardson. Remy, played by Nick, and his friends make and break a pact with the devil and go to Hell and back.  From our recent interview with Nick Swardson at Wizard World in Chicago the look and the tone of the movie are so amazing it is insane. The content pushes beyond the barriors of adult stop motion entertainment in a “comedy orgasm.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Nick let his fans in on a little secret… He is entirely made of wood.  He is truly a son of a birch. Was this just a humorous side note from the humorist or is there more to it than that?  Who might be a good match for this wooden fellow?  More on that later with a look at the interview with Corey Campodonico.

So check out the interview with Nick and for fans of horror humor, this film is a must see. Also, if you are in the LA/Hollywood area this weekend come to Raleigh Studios for more thrillers, horror, and sci fi films and festivities at Shriekfest where you can see this writer handing out the Best Science Fiction Feature Film award!

For more about National Celebrity Examiner John N. Collins find him on TwitterInstagramYoutube, and Facebook.

An interview with Itt – Felix Silla at the All Night Flea Market

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It was recently this writer’s privilege and pleasure to have a chat with the actor, stuntman, and circus performer, Felix Silla.  This was during the Zurko Promotions, All Night Flea Market, in Wheaton, Illinois.

Felix Silla has played parts in many iconic films and shows of the past including “Star Trek,” “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi,” “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “The Monkees,” “Bonanza,” and “Petty Coat Junction.” He is, perhaps, best known for his role as Cousin Itt in “The Addams Family.”

During the interview, Mr. Silla spoke of some of his experiences in the film industry.

His favorite role was playing Litvak in “The Black Bird,” a sequel to “The Maltese Falcon,” where George Segal plays Sam Spade Jr.

He got his start in the 1963 filming of “A Ticklish Affair” where he was the stunt man for the children.  He had to wear a harness and helium balloons so that it looked like he was flying, hanging from the balloons.

One day during filming, they broke for lunch while he was still hanging from the 110 foot crane. He had to call down to them until they heard and got him down as they had forgotten he was up there.

He was in the movie “Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom” as the stuntman for the character Short Round. During the raft scene, he was tipped over and caught under the raft and almost drowned. Thankfully, he was rescued by the diver.

His dream role would be a western with Sophia Loren, but he expresses a doubt that such a movie will ever be made at this time in their lives.  While most dreams never come true, that would be a dream well worth seeing on the big screen!

Check out the interview with Felix then check out his website for future appearances and autographed photos.  Visit the Zurko Promotions site  for more about future events like the Chicago Civil War Show and The Haunted Halloween Flea Market.

For more about National Celebrity Examiner John N. Collins, find him on TwitterInstagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

Oh, and do check out his series of interviews at Zurko Promotions events!

Grayson: Earth One – A popcorn review

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"Grayson: Earth One" poster
“Grayson: Earth One” poster

Grayson: Earth One” is writer/director/producer/actor Hisonni Johnson’s retelling of the story of Richard Grayson, aka Nightwing set in a re-imagined Gotham City in the DC comic universe.

Our reviewers are tasked to watch the the videos and write a brief description as their impressions “popped” into their minds and then sum up their opinion with a final kernal of thought expressed in terms of popcorn.

Katie Daniels

Popped – Clever. Unique. Artsy. Alternate timeline. Fascinating. Batman! Gritty. Intense. Compelling. Dramatic. Suspenseful. Surprisingly well-written.

Kernal – “Grayson: Earth One” is fluffy popcorn seasoned to perfection with a hint of bold spice. Not sure yet if I like it, but I definitely want to try some more!

Neil T. Weakley

Popped – Gritty, reimagining, comic book, dramatic, watchable, professional, surprising, well-cast(mostly), compelling, dark, cool, contemporary,

Kernal – Grayson is fresh hot popcorn with just enough butter. I’d eat it, and go back for seconds.

Lesley Scott

Popped – “Grayson: Earth One” Had some nice action and some fun cinematography, but the characters and story needed a little more filling out.

Popped again – “Grayson: Earth One Ep.1.5 “The Boy and The Bullet” (Red Hood Fan Film)” Was dark and eerie. It did a nice job at introducing the characters. And ended with a fun but predictable bang.

Kernal – This half popped bag needs another minute before it’s tasty.

Troy Copes

Popped – This alternate Richard Grayson is one hero that can rival even Bat Man! With high production quality and choice acting, this is one mini-series that is anything but small!

Kernal – With every kernel popped, get the salt and butter ready for this one!

John N. Collins

Popped: Excellent sound, video, & post work, great music, spot on acting, interesting concept, engrossing presentation, well choreographed, well paced, fun!

Kernal – Hot popped action, well seasoned and delicious!  May I have another bag?

Conclusion: We’re intrigued and want more!  Watch it for yourself and see if you agree.

A truly addicting heroine, Taversia, at the International Steampunk Symposium

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Grant Wilson and Michael Richie
Grant Wilson and Michael Richie

Over the weekend at the Eastgate Holliday Inn, the attendees were treated to a number of special guests. Ghost Hunter, Grant Wilson and his partner in Rather Dashing Games, Michael Richie, were on hand to sign copies of their new novel “Brotherhood of the Strange”, book one of the Kingship: Tales of the Aether series. Frenchy and the Punk performed Friday night and Sunday afternoon and Sir Reginald Pikedevant, Esquire entertained Saturday night with Atlanta’s Dr. Q DJing. Unbeknownst to most attendees, Chicago’s superhero, the Crimson Catalyst, was in attendance in her secret identity, Taversia.

Grant Wilson and Taversia
Grant Wilson and Taversia

Taversia is an author and model and now lives in Indiana. So she no longer dons the crimson costume to go out and fight hunger on the streets of Chicago. While living in Chicago she would assume her Crimson Catalyst identity and take food to the homeless on the streets there. She wanted to bring attention to homelessness and hunger but not to put herself forward for the attention so she wore the costume as an anonymous attention getter.

Now she spends her time writing novels and, occasionally modeling. She has two novels out, “Viscountess” and “Countess.” Her novels involve the fall and rise of the heroine of her story in a post apocalyptic world. In the first novel, her airship is shot down and she is forced to fight her way back up to her former status and on to glory.

Check out the video interview, get the books and then follow Taversia on Twitter/Like her on Facebook!

For more about John N. Collins, find him on TwitterInstagramYoutube, and Facebook.

Wizard World launches CONtv and brings a fan focus to Chicago – Updated

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Jason David Frank at Wizard World
Jason David Frank at Wizard World

Wizard World, the hosts of the world’s largest network of comic conventions, launched their new network, CONtv on March 3, 2015.  CONtv has cult classics, fan favorites, and fan focused original programming.

The CONtv lineup includes classic super hero and action shows like “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”, “Voltron”, and “She-Ra: Princess of Power”, Horror including “Re-Animator”, “Hell Raiser”, and “Puppet Master” as well as Science Fiction TV series like “Highlander”. “Farscape”, and “Stargate Infinity.”

Where CONtv looks to really shine is in its fan focused original programming.  Fan’s are able to join Jason David Frank on his adventures in and out of conventions on “My Morphing Life.”

Bruce Campbell at Wizard World
Bruce Campbell at Wizard World

beginning March 9th,  with new episodes every Monday this spring, “Army of Darkness” fans can join Bruce Campbell in his “Last Fan Standing.” For the Zombie Apocalypse fans, “Fight of the Living Dead” is coming on March 22 with Joey Graceffa, Jesse and Jeana (from Youtube’s PrankvsPrank), and Justine Ezarik fighting a reality TV world Zombie Apocalypse.

Continuing in their fan focus, this weekend in Chicago they will be hosting their first Fan Fest at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.  CSI fans will be treated to a special showing of “CSI: Cyber” and lycanthrope lovers will see a big screen showing of “Wolf Cop.”

Fan favorite celebrities including “Walking Dead” star, Norman Reedus and paranormal investigator Grant Wilson, and “True Blood” star Kristin Bauer,  will be appearing and signing autographs.  Grant Wilson is also an author, artist, musician, and game designer.  Grant and his business partner, Michael Richie, just came out with a new novel, “The Brotherhood of the Strange”, and Grant will bring along copies to sign.  Check out his website for a couple free sample chapters!

Update as of noon today, March 3, 2015, Grant Wilson had to cancel out his appearance.  There is no word on why but our thoughts and prayers are with him.

So if you are in the Chicago area this weekend or can make it, check out the Wizard World Fan Fest and if not, check out the Wizard World fun on CONtv!

For more about John N. Collins, find him on TwitterInstagram, Youtube, and Facebook.  For more photos and videos, check out his photo albums!

Mardi Gras 2015: Mr. Cellophane rolls with Bacchus!

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King John, aka John C. Reilly, throwing Bacchus dubloons to the crowds
King John, aka John C. Reilly, throwing Bacchus dubloons to the crowds

The 2015 Bacchus Mardi Gras parade rolled last night in New and its theme was “Children’s Stories That Live Forever.”  The 2015 King Bacchus was movie star, John C. Reilly with diverse credits including Ralph in  “Wreck-Ralph”, “Step Brothers” (and other films with Will Ferrell), “Guardians of the Galaxy”, and this writer’s favorite, Amos Hart in “Chicago.”

Friday before Mardi Gras weekend he stopped by the New Orleans Children hospital giving the residents movies and the rare opportunity to meet the voice of one of their favorite cartoon movie stars.

King John blessing the Bacchus parade goers
King John blessing the Bacchus parade goers

If the 2012 Bacchus King Ferrell wowed the crowds of New Orleans Mardi Gras parade goers, King John, Mr. Cellophane himself, blew them away!  Some said that King Ferrell in his bright, cheery, red robes had the look of a Disney King.  King John wore deep burgundy robes with wide, golden bands and a thick, heavy crown.  Bearing a mace-like scepter, he had the look of a warrior king, nobel, yet fierce enough to stand against barbarian hordes.

The thunderous sound of adulation was deafening at times as he road through the streets, gracing the crowds with his presence and throwing them treasures from the King Bacchus storehouse.  He threw double hands full of dubloons, the royal coinage of Bacchus bearing his visage, as well as beads and other items, often blessing them with a kiss before launching them to the hands raised in supplication.

King John toasting Mayor Landrieu at Gallier Hall
King John toasting Mayor Landrieu at Gallier Hall

Throughout his ride he maintained character in his role as King John, toasting Mayor Landrieu and his entourage and later the Krewe of Orpheus with the sobriety and demeanor of a true, royal ceremony.  Some might find he lacked as the senior celebrant of the god of wine but he left this writer feeling proud of the role model he was for the children who came to pay their respects.

Congratulations King John!  May you live long and give us many more years of great and inspirational performances.  Long live King John!  Long live King Cellophane!

For more about National Art, Tourism, and Celebrity Examiner, John N. Collins, find him on TwitterInstagramYoutube, and Facebook.  Be sure to let him know your thoughts on his articles.  For more photos and videos, check out his photo albums!

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