Troy Copes

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Troy Copes the Uncommon Geek - photo by Terminus Images
Troy Copes the Uncommon Geek – photo by Terminus Images

Troy Copes is a writer, reviewer, and owner of the Uncommon Geek.

A long time ago, on a starship far, far away… A child was born unto the ‘verse

Being fathered by a Starfleet officer and mothered by a Jedi, this little geekling has the best of both worlds, except without the Borg.

His education consisted of studying the finer points of starship security and command protocols and gaining knowledge of the Living Force while creating the only light saber Bat’leth known in the Alpha Quadrant… or so the rumors at Tosche Station go. You know them moisture farmers, always telling the tall tail.

Now the geekling is all grown up. With a ship of his own and a crew to fly her, he explores strange new worlds. Using his acquired knowledge of Klingon martial arts and Jedi politics to find new and interesting corners of the universal nerdosphere and to meet new and interesting people along the way.

He is a Trekker.

He is a Lucashound fanboy.

He is a Browncoat.

He is a Colonial.

He is a Whovian.

He is NOT a Brony… yet.

He is The Uncommon Geek!

When he isn’t working on running, expanding and writing for the The Uncommon Geek site, he spends his time with his wife, Mrs. Uncommon Geek, plays video games and just enjoys being a level 34 Typical Geek.

Follow him for all things geeky!

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